View Full Version : Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

Shelly Walker
02-20-2018, 01:16 PM
Highly Recommended despite language difficulties....... This is Annette Benning at her best. She is superb playing Gloria Graham the second tier film star of the 1940s. As one characters says, "shes in Black and White, never made it to color". This is Gloria in the last years of her life in a romance with a three decades younger man in England. Life events turn on her with a cancer diagnosis. Benning now 59 is just two years older than Greham was when she died. I can't overstate the magic that Benning brings to this film. A must see!.

One note of caution and this is a real problem... several of the actors speak in a very heavy cockney accent which for Americans is going to be impossible to understand. I couldn't handle it. A four star film taken down to 3 stars because of it. I may visit this film again when on video and I can turn on captions. I am dumbfounded as to how this could be released in the states without adequate dubbing. Entire scenes are a mystery as you can't understand a word being spoken. Co-star Jamie Bell does an adequate job only due to the lifting Benning's talent gives to others playing with her. Aging Vanessa Redgrave comes on briefly in an interesting scene.

Stick around for the closing credits... there's a new Elvis Costello song on the sound track.