View Full Version : The Post --Academy rightly snubs Spielberg and others

Shelly Walker
01-24-2018, 01:05 AM
Nominated for Golden Globes... this picture, best actress (Streep), actor (Hanks), Director (Spielberg) all lost.
Academy snubs Spielberg and Hanks and gives a nod to the picture and Streep.
A picture only enjoyable to political and freedom of the press junkies, the snubs are correct but don't go far enough. Steep as always is interesting but is made up horribly --- to the point of non acceptance.. but still you'll buy her performance. Otherwise, everyone else is lacking. Tom Hanks ...is that really a Washington DC accent you're speaking? Spielberg.. this material is obviously not your genre and when actors go over the top... say something. Obviously this one was thrown into the best pic category because of the stature of the director and stars, and the lack of other traditionally nominated type material. No way will The Post win Best Picture.